# Contributing

MASA Blazor is an open source project, our goal is to allow you to easily create amazing applications. Anyone can submit issues and create requests for better development of MASA Blazor. Many times, you will encounter some problems that can be improved. Maybe it is a bug or you have better ideas about the use and function of the components. All can be raised on Github.

# Report issue

The list of issues in this repository is only applicable to bug reports and feature requests. The non-compliance issues will be closed immediately. Before reporting a problem:

  • Search for similar issues, it may have been answered.
  • Try to use the main version to replicate the expected behavior in the cloneable warehouse.
  • Please make sure that the reproduction is minimal and concise (code logic).

These steps ensure that we have all the necessary information in order to quickly segment and solve your problem.

When writing the question, please provide as much information as possible. Please note that the "reappear step" should be a series of actions that another developer should take after clicking your copy link, not a recollection of how you found the error.