# Textareas

Textarea components are used for collecting large amounts of textual data.

# Usage

MTextarea in its simplest form is a multi-line text-field, useful for larger amounts of text.


# Examples

# Props

# Auto grow

When using the AutoGrow prop, textarea’s will automatically increase in size when the contained text exceeds its size.

# Background color

The BackgroundColor and Colors give you more control over styling MTextarea's.


# Browser autocomplete

The Autocomplete prop gives you the option to enable the browser to predict user input.


# Clearable

You can clear the text from a MTextarea by using the Clearable prop, and customize the icon used with the ClearableIcon prop.


# Counter

The Counter prop informs the user of a character limit for the MTextarea.


# Icon

The AppendIcon and PrependIcon props help add context to MTextarea.


# NoResize

MTextarea's have the option to remain the same size regardless of their content’s size, using the NoResize prop.


# Rows

The Rows prop allows you to define how many rows the textarea has, when combined with the RowHeight prop you can further customize your rows by defining their height.


# Misc

# Signup form

Utilizing alternative input styles, you can create amazing interfaces that are easy to build and easy to use.


# Ready for more?

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