# Radio

The MRadio component is a simple radio button. When combined with the MRadioGroup component you can provide groupable functionality to allow users to select from a predefined set of options.

# Usage

Although MRadio can be used on its own, it is best used in conjunction with MRadioGroup. Using the @bind-Value on the MRadioGroup you can access the value of the selected radio button inside the group.


# Examples

# Props

# Color

Radios can be colored by using any of the builtin colors and contextual names using the Color prop.

# Direction

Radio-groups can be presented either as a row or a column, using their respective props. The default is as a column.


# Mandatory

Radio-groups are by default not mandatory. This can be changed with the Mandatory prop.


# Contents

# LabelContent

Radio Group labels can be defined in LabelContent - that will allow to use HTML content.


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