Video teaching

MASA Blazor teaching video
The video presentation content will create the project in three ways, including creating a blazor server using the MASA Blazor template, Blazor Wasm, and manually adding MASA Blazor.

Why MASA Blazor

Rich components

In addition to 1:1 restoration with the basic components of Vuetify, there are also many useful preset components

UI design language

The design style is modern and the UI experience is excellent

Long term support

Full time team maintenance, long-term support. Weekly release

Easy to use

Extremely rich and detailed start-up documents, details are in place, free video tutorials

Community active encouragement

User participation, real-time interaction, make contributions, join us and build the most open open source community

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Evaluation of cooperation


基于MASA Blazor组件库,我们快速构建了Material Design的管理后台模版,丰富的功能让产品在交互设计上可以展现更多的想象。


MASA Blazor不仅帮助朗诗德后端.NET开发人员升级成为全栈工程师,其优秀的交互设计和标准化的模板,更让整个团队的交付水平成倍数提升,持续助力朗诗德数字化转型,让变化更简单!


大前端时代到处都是基于JS的产品,MASA Blazor 的出现弥补了 C# 开发者制作前端应用的技术空白。有了这个产品,我们可以更加灵活的应对现代软件开发。


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